Join the POA

There are three ways that you can join the POA.

  1. To set up your account through our online portal and pay via credit card, debit card or Paypal click here.    
  2. You can download the membership form  and send it along with your payment to the Treasurer.
  3. You can also contact any member of the board who will be happy to help you join the organization.

Update your membership record

To update your membership record, add or change email addresses, phone numbers or other membership information or records, please email here.
You may still not be getting our eBlasts or eDispatches, even though our records are correct.  For some reason, your email address has landed in our email service's 'do not mail or unsubscribed lists'.  If that is the case, then you must go through a multistep process to get your email address back into our mailing list.  We can not do this for you.  The email service requires that you start here to take your email address off their 'do not mail or unsubscribe lists'.  We are very sorry for this inconvience.

Pay online 

It's Easy & Secure! 
Please follow these simple instructions: 
  1. Enter your lake street address in the box below (you will be required to provide your primary address on the Paypal payment page).
  2. Enter your lake city, zip code & phone number in the second box below.
  3. Click on Pay Now! 
$1.50 is added to the $30.00 membership dues to offset online banking charges.  To add a spouse email address, please email here.