Frequently asked questions (FAQs) are grouped by category: lake water topics; lake and lake shore use topics; land use, zoning and County topics; POA; DNR and MDE; real estate and taxes.  A brief answer follows each question and in some cases a link to more detail is provided.

Many of these topics have been written about in previous editions of the Dispatch and or sent out at eBlasts.  For a comprehensive list of related articles and responses, choose your question and then copy it to the search engine to the left.  The results will give you a listing of what the POA has said and or done on that issue.
Winter 2012 - Doug Woodburn
Lake water topics.
  • Hydrilla comments after the March 2014 PRB meeting announcement.
  •            Hydrilla
  • What is the POA doing about lake grasses?
    • The POA is extensively involved this effort and is monitoring its progress and has established a committee of concerned citizens that is independently attempting to influence and integrate various efforts by multiple organizations contributing to the study.
    •  Lake Grasses
  • Comments on DNR Proposal for Pilot Project on Limited Control of Eurasian Watermilfoil in Deep Creek Lake.
    • POA has discussed this issue at board meeting, public membership meeting and written several eBlasts on the subject suggesting giving DNR adequate time to develop and implement a plan to address the issue.
    • Detailed Report 
  • What does Eurasian Watermilfoil look like?
  • What is the POA position on supporting dredging for some low water areas of the lake?
  • How is the lake level regulated?  What is a Rule Band?
    • Lake levels are controlled by complex set of criteria and protocols to assure optimal use of lake resources for all stake holders. 
    • Rule bands establish the minimum and maximum lake levels for each month.
    • Rule Band Detail and Current Lake Level
Lake and lake shore use topics.
  • When can property owners put in their docks?
    • All docks must be out of the water from November 30 until April 1.
    • Docks In and Out
  • What is the history of the boat noise issue and how is boat noise measured? 
    • The boat noise issue is important to the POA and we have long been active in its control.
    • Boat Noise
  • How many boats and PWCs may I have at my dock?
  • What do the numbers on docks indicate?
    • Dock numbers are 911 emergency location numbers.
    • Dock Numbers
  • What are the basic rules of operating a boat on Deep Creek Lake?
  • Why are the bridge pilings not lit up at night?
  • What am I allowed to do on the buffer strip and my lake front?  Path?  Retaining wall?  Lights? Campfire?
    • The buffer strip and the lake are part of the park system and as such the DNR controls what and what cannot be done on the property.  A special permit is required.  See the question below and the link special permit application.
    • Buffer Strip
    • Deep Creek Lake Regulations and Permits
  • Why is the DNR making me fill out a special permit after years of using the lake front?.
    • Lake Management is making a concerted effort to document all alterations to lake front bufferstrips. Their interest is to assure that all activities conducted on the lakefront and all alterations to the buffer strip are recorded and comply with good practices that protect Deep Creek Lake. One or two permits are required, one to use the buffer strip and another to make modifications to the buffer strip.
    • Buffer Strip Use Permit Application
    • Special Permit Application
  • What has the POA done or what is being done to protect my lake frontage from constant erosion, especially in high water situations and wave action caused not only by boat waves but waves caused by wind and erosion from high winds?  My lake front is getting worn back and my front yard is disappearing.
Land use, zoning and County topics.
  • What is the POA's position on zoning?
  • What is allowed to be built/constructed on land classified Lake Residential, Town Center, Rural Resource, and Commercial 1 and 2?
    • The complete zoning requirements are detailed in the following link to the Garrett County website (Planning and Land Development / Deep Creek Watershed Zoning).
    • A summary of zoning classifications is found on pages 24 and 25.
    • A lake watershed zoning map is found on the same web page.
    • Deep Creek Lake Watershed Zoning
  • Who are the elected officials for Garrett County?
  • Is Deep Creek Lake a town or municipality that provides services like garbage, sewer, water, and road maintenance?
    • No, Deep Creek Lake is not a town or municipality.
    • Public services are provided thru the county and/or state. 
    • Fire and EMS are provided thru several volunteer fire and EMS organizations like Southern Rescue Squad and Deep Creek Volunteer Fire Company.  (Please support them all financially.)
  • Why does Garrett County not offer recycling at Deep Creek Lake?
  • Comments on the Marcellus Shale Safe Drilling Initiative “Best Practices” Report
  • Why Join the Property Owners' Association of Deep Creek Lake?
  • How are the POA dues used?
  • Does the POA utilize committees and what are they?  Who is on these committees?  How can I volunteer for POA board service?
    • Yes, the POA utilized committies and we welcome volunteers.  Its as easy as contacting a Board Member.
    • Volunteers
  • On what county boards or organizations does the POA have representation?
    • POA Board Members are very active in a large number  and variety of county boards and organizations which give the POA a unique insight into the pulse of Garrett County.
    • Community Board Representation
  • Does the POA support the members' interest by assisting with the marketing of the area to potential guests? 
    • The POA board has not supported commercial efforts to market Deep Creek Lake. The POA does support members' interests through activities that help meet the Association's mission statement.  Please refer to the statement on use of dues above for additional information.
Real estate and taxes